Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unique Spring Events

Queen’s Day
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

April 30th is the actual date of Queen’s Day which in Dutch is Koninginnedag, but the real festivities begin the night before on Queen’s Night. Starting the night of the 29th Amsterdam becomes a perfect celebration for all when all the clubs in the area prepare special festivities for anyone who would like to partake in them. Over 700,000 people flock to the streets of Amsterdam on Queen’s day for a day of partying and tradition. Queen’s Day is a city wide party which provides a unique, fun, and friendly environment for the locals and the visitors. Bring some change with you because one of the key aspects of the day is the Free Market. The Free Market encourages all of the locals to trade all in their house which is unnecessary with their neighbors and visitors. Be sure to bring comfortable shoes because you will be on your feet walking around all day.

Kentucky Derby
Location: Churchill Downs, Kentucky

May 4th 2013 is the date for the “Greatest Two Minutes in Sports,” which is the Kentucky Derby. The first leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown is located at Churchill Downs and has a long and glorious history dating all the way back to 1875. It is a great place to visit for any sports fan. Winning the Triple Crown is seen as one of the most difficult feats in sports and has not been completed since Affirmed won in 1978. This makes the Derby the best of the three races to attend because it always gives fans, jockeys, and owners the chance to believe that this could be the year where it all started and they were lucky enough to experience the start of something great. This place is not only famous for its great two minute race but also for the people who attend and the fashion statements its attendees attempt to make. A-list celebrities flock to the Kentucky Derby for this see or be seen event. Let us plan your trip and you can start working on your outfit, and try to be the best dressed there.
St. Lucia Jazz Festival
Location: St. Lucia, Caribbean

For a week spanning from the end of April into the first week of May, St. Lucia holds its world famous Jazz Festival. In 2011 this Jazz festival hosted its 20th anniversary which is extremely uncommon for festivals in the local area which tend to start failing by their 7th year of operation. The festival provides formal concert styles along with intimate performances with acts from all over the world such as John Legend, Trey Songz, and the local reggae group 4th World. This festival is ranked among the best festivals the Caribbean has to offer and even one of the best festival experiences in the world.

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